Initial Consultation:

A one-time $70 initial consultation fee will be charged to begin the process.

5 Hour Block Rate:

  • Virtual Assistant hours are purchased in a minimum of one five-hour block for $175 per block per month. Additional individual hours (for $40 per hour) or five-hours blocks (for $175 per block) may be available and must be approved in advance.
  • Hours purchased are valid for a given month. Unused hours will not be refunded or rolled over to the next month.
  • Any client specific purchases will be billed back to the client.
  • The New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax of 0.625% will be charged.

Payment Terms:

  • Services will not be provided without payment.
  • For re-occurring payments: Payment is due on the first of the month to begin Virtual Assistant Services for the current month.
  • If for any reason legal action needs to be taken, court costs, lawyer fees, and interest may be added to the charges you are expected to pay.

Payments by cash, check (Trekking Green LLC), or Paypal (amymank at gmail.com) are welcome.